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aerial gymnastics tour

Aerial gymnastics tour is designed for active people and combines sports classes and enjoyable pastime – excursions to unusual places, parties, themed activities and other. This type of tour is a perfect alternative to a passive beach rest.

Aerial gymnastics helps to develop and strengthen arm, shoulder, abs and back muscles. This result is reached through static exercises that require to balance in specific pose. Trainings with aerial silks and hoops is a great way to get rid of fears and strengthen your willpower. There are 15-20 participants that are supervised by one or more certified trainers and specialists like dietitians and sports physicians.

Tour program

Tour program includes trainings with the hoops, trapezes, silks and other tools that can be suspended in the air – they can be static as well as freely hanging.

Aerial gymnastics tours do not depend from high or low tourism season, they can be arranged at the seashore, or in the mountains, depending on your preferences. All gyms are equipped with the necessary tools for the exercises with aerial silks.

In exotic places with rich nature, instead of cardio exercises you can climb the mountain, or perform a meditation session instead of passive rest.

Training programs are created taking into consideration the load of all muscles and are adjusted based on physical state of the participant.

If you have children and they travel with you

In case you cannot leave your children at home – that is definitely not a problem! We can offer you a family yoga-tour. While you have rest and attend the trainings, your children stay together with experienced entertainers and trainers. Moreover, if the children are grown-up, we can offer sports trainings, where experienced trainers will improve physical well-being and can introduce the love to sports.


Despite the tour is oriented towards active rest, that does not mean and you will eat only vegetables and will never leave the gym. You will have a perfect opportunity to enjoy the sea, the sun, local landscapes and views while doing sports.

Many participants want to lose weight, however, this is absolutely impossible without balanced nutrition. Thus, every group is accompanied by professional dietitian-nutritionist. Zero diets, only healthy and balanced nutrition!

Every customer

Each customer receives special individual nutrition, designed in order to achieve set targets.

What is included in the tour price

Active-voyage comprises:

  • flight;
  • insurance + visa;
  • transfer;
  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • fitness-services package.

*price depends on the country and season

Safety and comfort of our clients is a top priority for us. Tour participants are met at the arrival and get the transfer back, they are offered comfortable rooms, supervisors solve every single question. With us you will be able to concentrate on the target set instead of being distracted by small everyday questions.

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