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yoga tour

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that help to improve physical and mental well-being.

Yoga classes offer internal tranquility, balance, increase stress-resistance and capacity. Yoga tour ensures entire reload, serenity and equilibrium.

Tour program is created in a particular way, so you will be able to combine yoga classes, rest at the seaside and various excursions. In case you would like to choose a mountainous country, you will be offered beautiful nature and mild climate.

While being on vacation, tourist not only changes the location and has a rest in different country, but also dedicates this time to self-improvement. This tour offers the opportunity to try a different way of life: early morning practice, right after the sunrise, healthy nutrition, active rest and self-awareness.

Yoga-tour is:

  • intensity
    everyday classes ensure better learning of the material and being far away from home and external stimulus improve yoga practice;
  • environment
    Yoga-tour is the best place to meet like-minded people, moreover it is much easier to meet the target with associates who share your vision and beliefs.
    Unknown atmosphere, different country and common values help meeting new people, share ideas, thoughts and knowledge.
  • active rest
    Trainings, emotional reload, evening talks in front of bonfire and many other benefits offer the participants a charge
  • internal growth
    Yoga-tour participant is a person who consciously perceives life and wants to widen awareness, meet people with same ideas and perform an internal transformation;
  • healthy nutrition
    Many participants want to lose weight, however, this is absolutely impossible without balanced nutrition. Thus, every group is accompanied by professional dietitian-nutritionist, and you will definitely not have to suffer from diets, only healthy nutrition.
    Each customer receives special individual nutrition, in order to achieve set targets.

Yoga-tour particularities

Yoga-tours contribute to healthy lifestyle, open individual’s internal resources and create positive perception of the reality. Yoga helps to live through the difficulties, calmly react to others’ emotional outbursts and work efficiently throughout a long period of time.

Classes are conducted by yoga masters, who will help to discover and apply artistic capabilities of the individual, will teach to breath correctly and relax.

Participants obtain new skills, become stronger and more enduring and find their life purpose.

Yoga can solve numerous back and vitals problems. There are no particular restrictions from health perspective to do yoga, however you can warn trainer about any existing issues.

In the spare time we offer you an excursion and entertainment programs.

By the end of the tour, you will get new knowledge about asanas, pranayama particularities and benefits of meditation. Also, you will learn to work with your internal energy, become motivated to lead healthy life, meet like-minded people and enjoy unforgettable landscapes.

If you have children and they travel with you

In case you cannot leave your children at home – that is definitely not a problem! We can offer you a family yoga-tour. While you have rest and attend the trainings, your children stay together with experienced entertainers and trainers. Moreover, if the children are grown-up, we can offer sports trainings, where experienced trainers will improve physical well-being and can introduce the love to sports.

What is included in the tour price

Yoga-voyage comprises:

  • flight;
  • insurance + visa;
  • transfer;
  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • yoga-services package.

*price depends on the country and season

Safety and comfort of our clients is a top priority for us. Tour participants are met at the arrival and get the transfer back, they are offered comfortable rooms, supervisors solve every single question. With us you will be able to concentrate on the target set instead of being distracted by small everyday questions.

  • 8 days / 7 nights
  • Price(per/day) от 49 €
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