Swimming (FINA)

 Swimming training camps for male and female professional athletes in Cyprus! 

Training sessions and swimming camps for kids and adults in Cyprus are interesting, productive and effective! 

ACTIVE PLANET company organizes training camps and holidays for swimmers in Cyprus and provides a full range of services and all supporting equipment: 

  We provide for your Swimming Training Camp: indoor 25m and open 50m swimming pools of the Olympic standard in different locations of Cyprus. All of them are equipped with men and women’s locker rooms, showers, massage rooms, gyms and medical rooms.

  •  Creating customized individual menus for athletes from abroad in Cyprus
  •  Fully equipped gyms with a capacity of 10-30 swimmers at a time for training
  •  Specially equipped locations for out of the pool training on the beach or in eucalyptus parks of Cyprus 
  •  Medical services: restorative massages, sports massages, hydro and manual therapy 
  •  Professional inventory and equipment for swimmers during the training camp
  • Transfers for swim teams all over Cyprus 

Our company, ACTIVE PLANET, accounts for the desires and concerns of every group, and we are ready to create individualized programs, approaches, and offers for you! 

            Swimming training camps are held frequently in different towns of Cyprus. The island is famous for mild climate and pleasant weather conditions which is complemented by a well-developed sports infrastructure. Even throughout winter, it is pleasant to practice in outdoor 50-meter swimming pools in Cyprus with a constant temperature of 27 degrees.

Olympic swimming pools in Cyprus five 50-meter long pools and seven 25-meter long pools located on the Mediterranean coast or in the mountains. Sea air saturates the body with useful substances, clean island air has a beneficial effect on the health of athletes. Training in swimming pool can be supplemented by swimming in the sea which creates a diverse athletic experience when in Cyprus. 

Mediterranean cuisine, recommended as highly useful, balanced and ideal for active individuals 

The island of Cyprus and its resources provide a commitment to excellent health and significant athletic success!


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