Taekwondo (WTF)

Tailored training camps for taekwondo for male and female professional athletes!

  • The ACTIVE PLANET team presents you with a broad spectrum of services, lessons and taekwondo training sessions for kids and adults on the island of Cyprus including:
  • Professional halls equipped with special flooring of Tatami (Budo-mats)
  • Air conditioning and ventilation in all gyms  
  • Professional inventory and uniforms (upon prior request) during taekwondo camp
  • Organization and conduct of training sessions, master classes, training seminars with professional trainers and highly qualified coaches among the best masters of taekwondo in Cyprus and abroad
  • Organization of sparring matches with local and international athletes
  • Menus customized for athletes during the training camp
  • Medical services: massage, rehabilitation gymnastics, rehabilitation after injuries (upon consultations with coaches)
  • Variety of outdoor activities and excursions of Cyprus on sea and land

Our company, ACTIVE PLANET, accounts for the desires and concerns of every group, and we are ready to create individualized programs, approaches, and offers for you!

In Cyprus, there are frequent tournaments and competitions for taekwondo. Athletes from around the world come to Cyprus to train for the following reasons:

  • Favorable climate and comfortable weather conditions allowing for outdoor training both in summer and winter
  • Environmentally friendly atmosphere contributes to athletic success
  • Mediterranean cuisine, rich in fish, meat, seasonal fruits, and vegetables create a tasty and nutritious diet. Cyprus products are ideal for athletes whose bodies experience stress and physical exertion and need quick recovery to replenish energy reserves.
  • Athletic grounds are specially equipped for varying kinds of martial arts including taekwondo: thickness of the tatami, floor coverings, and all necessary equipment for training
  • All facilities comply with international standards of Taekwondo
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