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sports nutrition

We organize a special meal program in the hotel or deliver food to the hotel from the restaurant.

The menu of a healthy diet is carefully controlled for the quality of the products. The food is based on olive oil, fresh herbs, and fruits. We are always ready to coordinate a daily diet with the team's coach and make an individual menu for athletes if there is an intolerance or an allergy to certain foods or gluten.

Our sports nutrition expert will compile and select the meal program for each athlete individually, depending on the test scores that will be held at the training on the first day.

Nutrition is a science based on high technologies and includes the study of nutrients and components that are contained in foods, eating rules, the laws of interaction of food, its effect on the body. Nutritionist - personal consultant for healthy and proper sports nutrition, he will select the necessary type of sports nutrition according to the individual constitutional type of each athlete.

Nutritionists study nutrition from four sides:

  • products and their micro- and macronutrients;
  • the process of assimilation of food, the reaction of the body to the substances that come with food;
  • linking products to food dependencies, changing eating behavior through a certain diet;
  • influence of products on health, prevention and treatment of various diseases.

How can a nutritionist help athletes?

  • He will develop a diet for proper nutrition during the training. Pick up a diet with food dependence for the purpose of normalizing the psycho-emotional state;
  • will develop a diet for rapid recovery of the organism during intense and peak periods during preparation for serious competitions and starts;
  • will develop therapeutic/prophylactic/rehabilitation/sports nutrition, therapeutic diet, make a children's diet;
  • will hold a consultation on nutrition;
  • will develop an individual menu with the optimal combination and quantity of products to ensure functional support of the organism;
  • will make a program of vitamins and microelements, which are necessary for athletes.
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