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sports management

Our company is engaged in the planning of training camps for professional athletes, national teams, amateurs, children's sports schools, clubs, juniors, masters category of athletes, and Paralympians for the whole year ahead.

Depending on the program of the competitions, we individually select the necessary sports locations and take into account all the conditions of the upcoming starts and competitions.

You save time and money on:

  • for the preparation of a training program;
  • on the distribution of training applications for different locations and companies;
  • to analyze and study the company or sports base, reading its reviews and ratings on the Internet.

As a result, you get the necessary training program and suitable locations for it.

ACTIVE PLANET selects the most cost-effective sports locations, depending on the level of preparation, seasonality and the necessary climate. We are in contact with you 24/7.

For each team, the level of accommodation and food quality are taken into account. The distance from the accommodation to the sports facility, which meets the Olympic standards, does not exceed 10 minutes walk.

What services do we offer?

  • Booking airline tickets and making routes at the best price (we have an IATA license);
  • Registration of visas and insurance policies for the whole team;
  • Accommodation of groups in the hotel on the same floor;
  • Prepare an individual menu;
  • Medical services: massage, rehabilitation gymnastics, rehabilitation after injuries;
  • Supply of drinking water throughout the training;
  • Washing of sports uniforms or clothes;
  • Professional video and photography;
  • Providing conference rooms for lectures on sports training and the work of psychologists with athletes;
  • Required professional tools and equipment (professional boats) that meet international requirements;
  • Provision of a transfer with drinking water and fruit on the road;
  • Active rest on the sea and on land and the most interesting excursion tours.

There are excellent sports facilities in the mountains (1500-3000 m above sea level) in our database on all sports locations, which are suitable for different sports. This allows athletes to conduct training in mountainous terrain.

A nice bonus for the athletes will be branded jerseys from the company ACTIVE PLANET.

You need to provide a detailed rider or a description of all the necessary services and sports equipment for the team during the training. After agreeing all the conditions, we send a complete list of documents with a description of all agreed conditions and services:

  • Price offer with a detailed description of the number of people in the training;
  • The contract specifying the duration of training, amount, terms of payment and legal requisites of both parties with signatures of both parties;
  • Applications with the number of rooms and their description.

ACTIVE PLANET works with all sports federations and municipalities, which allows you to get the best time for training.

We do not let down our clients and we do everything necessary to ensure that everything planned is realized.

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