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sports conferences

Organization of sports conferences

Our company organizes sports conferences in various sports for professional athletes, juniors, children's sports teams and amateurs.

What do we offer?

  • Creating a program of lectures, which thoroughly understand the technique of each athlete and work on the emotional and psychological mood for the result of athletes. Also, the program understands all aspects that interfere and disturb the athlete;
  • We invite famous coaches, whose pupils have become repeated winners and prize-winners of the world championships and the Olympic Games;
  • Drawing up a plan for the training of athletes at training gatherings with the distribution of physical activities, a program of proper nutrition, cycles of training, recovery, and recreation. Help in determining the necessary time for recovery, which takes into account all the subtleties and nuances of a particular sport and load;
  • Selection of an individual training program, in which the athlete quickly enters the training mode, restores the form and improves his results;
  • If necessary, the organization of care by highly qualified doctors with extensive experience in sports medicine and traumatology. They will conduct an examination, identify possible problems, make up a personal treatment and rehabilitation plan for each athlete with a 100% result;
  • Rent of conference halls in hotels and sports complexes. Transfer to the hotel and back. Catering and coffee-breaks.
  • Full audio and video support;
  • Providing all necessary equipment - projectors, laptops, pens, notebooks, drinking water and much more.

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Sports conferences are held during the training camp in preparation for the scheduled start.

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