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Triathlon (ITU)
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Training triathlon for professional athletes: among men and women

ACTIVE PLANET Company organizes and conducts trainings in triathlon around the world and provides a full range of services in this area.

What is included in our services?

  • Planning and organization of training for national teams, triathlon clubs, individual athletes and amateurs;
  • Accommodation in hotels that are located in places where it is possible to combine training on a bicycle, swimming in the Olympic pools and the Mediterranean, running along the embankment along the sea and at the stadium;
  • Organization of starts and competitions with local and invited athletes
  • Organization of trainings and master classes with professional trainers and highly qualified teachers from different countries;
  • Required inventory, rental of bicycles and full equipment (upon prior request);
  • Medical services: regenerative massages, hydro - and manual therapy;
  • Specialized transport for bicycles;
  • Escort cars with everything you need;
  • Individual routes, issuing maps and navigators;
  • Rent, repair and maintenance of bicycles of different models;
  • Active rest and excursion tours.

Our company ACTIVE PLANET takes into account the wishes of each group and will create for you an individual offer that is suitable for you!

We organize events around the world, so we will find the best offer for you!

One of the popular bases is Cyprus. ACTIVE PLANET cooperates with all the municipalities of Cyprus and the road department, which enables us to equip roads, set regulators, and fence the territories and areas where competitions and start-ups take place. Our team has extensive experience in organizing sports events, competitions and starts, and therefore we know what organizational nuances need to be taken into account in time for triathlon trainings in Cyprus.

Cyprus is an extremely suitable place for holding sporting events or triathlon competitions, a sport that combines swimming, cycling and cross country athletics.

Technical equipment of the island and developed sports infrastructure has excellent bases of the high international level.


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