Training camps for boccia for athletes with impairments for men and women!


The ACTIVE PLANET team offers a full range of organization services for conducting training camps for Boccia players with cerebral palsy and with impairments that affect motor skills in Cyprus.

  • We offer all kinds of specialized transportation with assistance around Cyprus
  • Hotels on the beach with a convenient approach to the sea. Rooms in hotels are equipped with everything necessary for athletes with disabilities, and elevators in hotels are designed for people using wheelchairs of varying sizes.
  • Best sports grounds on the island for the training of athletes directly on site or at a minimum distance from the place of stay
  • Specially equipped fitness centers
  • Services for the rental of all equipment for disability support
  • Organizing outdoor general physical training by the shore of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Organizing and leading practice, master-classes, learning seminars led by professional trainers, highly qualified trainers/teachers and instruction from boccia players in Cyprus and other countries
    • `Creating customized menus for individual athletes
  • Medical services: massage, rehabilitative gymnastics, and rehabilitation post injury
    • An active vacation on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as fascinating cultural and historical tours of Cyprus!


Our company, ACTIVE PLANET, accounts for the desires and concerns of every group, and we are ready to create individualized programs, approaches, and offers for you!

          Boccia is an actively developing sport for players with severe forms of damage to the central nervous system and spinal injuries which affect the physical development and condition of the body of players, as well as their mood and self-awareness. Regular training in Boccia develop dexterity, accuracy, endurance, coordination of movements, and also helps to think tactically. Boccia is not overbearing on the body and is available for everyone as an example of a healthy lifestyle and leisurely activities.  

Comfortable climate, excellent weather conditions, and well developed sports infrastructure make the island an ideal place for boccia sporting events. Clean sea and mountain air, as well as delicious Mediterranean cuisine, contribute to improving the overall physical condition of the Paralympic athletes!

The island of Cyprus and its resources provide a commitment to excellent health and significant athletic success!

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