Practical shooting

Practical shooting training camps for professional athletes

Training camps for practical shooting in Cyprus- it’s possible!

ACTIVE PLANET offers a full range of organizational services for conducting training events for practical shooting on the island.


  • Equipped professional areas (indoor and outdoor) that meet international requirements, including changing rooms, showers, toilets, cafeterias, medical rooms, massage rooms, ventilation and air conditions. Shooting ranges are located in the most beautiful and picturesque places on the island.
  • Specialized equipment and professional inventory (all necessary types of pneumatic and firearms, papers, electronic targets and plate targets, professional equipment, security equipment, etc.)
  • Organization and conduct of training, master classes, training seminars with professional instructors (trainers), highly qualified teachers and the best shooters of Cyprus and other countries
  • Organized matches with local and invited athletes
  • Customized menus for individual athletes
  • Medical services: massage, rehabilitation gymnastics, and rehabilitation after trauma
  • An active vacation on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as fascinating cultural and historical tours of Cyprus!


Our company, ACTIVE PLANET, accounts for the desires and concerns of every group, and we are ready to create individualized programs, approaches, and offers for you!

Practical shooting is a kind of shooting sport that aimed at mastering and developing techniques that most fully meet the various cases of the use of firearms. The motto of practical shooting: DILIGENTIA-VIS-CELERITAS (accuracy-power-speed) that is, the athlete is prescribed the ability to accurately and quickly firing from a powerful weapon. One of the main differences between practical shooting and other types of shooting is the variety of exercises. In each competition, there is a new target situation, new obstacles, and conditions of fulfilment.

Almost any exercise requires the athlete to have high-speed possession of weapons, rapid movements, fire in various uncomfortable positions and in motion. All this makes practical shooting a very entertaining and dynamic sport and sets special standards for the premises and places where training conducted.

One of the advantages of the island is comfortable climate, which makes it possible to practice outdoors year-round. Supplemental activity can be swimming in the Mediterranean, which will effectively affect the overall physical fitness of athletes. Sea air and Mediterranean diet help athletes maintain health at eminence.

Cyprus and its resources are a commitment to excellent health and great athletic achievements!

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