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Mediterranean cuisine and physical activity: how to do sport in paradise?

At the heart of nutrition, according to the rules of Mediterranean diet, there is water balance, seasonal products, seafood and olive oil, together with physical exercises. The Mediterranean diet has even been declared a UNESCO heritage. According to American scientists, sports, the Mediterranean diet, quitting smoking and weight control reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by as much as 80%. Cyprus is one of the countries that can boast this most popular cuisine, and in combination with beautiful weather all year round, as well as a convenient location, this island is an ideal platform for both sports training and for a healthy lifestyle.

Sometimes it is difficult to take the first step and force yourself to do physical activity; we will give you a few tips on how this can be done with ease.

  1. Choose a sport. In order to choose, you need to try many different kinds of sports. Read about them, ask your friends, be sure to take into account your own characteristics - for example, if you have back problems, then swimming, rather than tennis, is more suitable for you. You can always come to the class and take one trial lesson, plus get the feel of the atmosphere within the team.
  2. Find a company. Sometimes it's difficult to go by yourself and sign up for a sport or even a gym, so ask a friend to join you, it's more fun together and the motivation increases - you do not want to let your friend down.
  3. Not enough time? Combine business with pleasure. You can listen to audiobooks while you run in the park, take changeable sports clothes to work and head from there straight to the gym or sports class; active rest is not only pleasant and useful, but you also discover your potential and your hidden, boundless possibilities from another side. Take the first step. Today.


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