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partnership and sponsorship programs

Nowadays, the sport industry has become very popular and indispensable both among the sports professionals and amateurs alike. At the peak of popularity now such kinds of sport like  football, triathlon, combats, shooting and many other. More and more people are trying to follow a healthy lifestyle and take prizes in different competitions.

Our company actively cooperates with top, functional athletes. Organizing a variety of training camps, doing daily planning and developing various training programs for athletes, organizing competitions for professional and amateur starts, we contact the leadings athletes around the world.

Possessing the information about the needs of athletes, we have the opportunity to benefit the athletes  and the main sponsors. Sponsors participate in the preparation and training process, provide significant support to the teams, and instead of this they receive serious promotion and fame, and increase the visibility of their brand on the world stage.

To become a sponsor of athletes, winners of the Olympics, world championships and Europe, or sponsor of major start for 1000 people, a training camp or simply support the national team permamently is an excellent opportunity to join the world's sports movement and the world's sports industry.

Active Planet company offers its assistance in the selection of sponsorship programs. We will find the best option for you, monitor the implementation of the partnership agreement and develop the most effective program, including the most current means of communication .

Variants of sponsorship packages:

  • Sponsorship of sports events (amateur and professional competitions in all kinds of sports in any country).
  • Sponsorship of training camps (top teams or individual athletes around the world).
  • Sponsorship of the team permanently (assistance for monthly spendings, medicine, preparation for start-ups).
  • Sponsorship of Paralympic teams (top teams or individual athletes around the world)

Examples of sponsorship:

  • The mention of sponsors in the social networks of sports teams / individual athletes.
  • Placing company logos on the athletes' uniform.
  • Sponsorship advertising during the competitions on  the large screens, scoreboard with results; the placing of your banners.
  • Announcement of  the leading general sponsor throughout the sport event.

What will you get in results:

Active Planet will undertake all the organizational issues related to the looking for the team / individual athlete, the process of conversations and coordination of all the details of cooperation. In addition, it  will also help to control the fulfillment of the terms of the contract by the team / athlete. In addition, Active Planet constantly keeps an eye the details and offers innovative ideas for promotion both online and offline.

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