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introductory tours

Active Planet offers a unique 2-3 days introductory tours for coaches, team leaders and athletes before the scheduled training camps. Moreover, every coach or team leader is always engaged in finding out  information about a new location, where he wants to take the team for training. Not everyone can be entrusted with the team's organizing, especially if this is the last and  decisive stage before a responsible start.

Working daily with coaches and athletes, the ministries of sport and federations, we have a great experience and precise understanding of everything that athletes need at the training camps, how they should be organized and what the result must they have. Our company has developed an excellent offers and provides a unique opportunity to pre-visit and get acquired with the location where the training camp will be held.

The program of the tour:

  • Meeting and location in the hotel
  • Acquaintance  with Active Planet command
  • Drawing up a program of camps for the team and agreeing all the necessary conditions and sports facilities during the camping.
  • An introductory tour to the objects and an introduction to the sports infrastructure of the location.
  • Tour to the  hotels and other possible places of residence.
  • Tour to the  sports medical centers
  • Adjustment of the price and signing of the preliminary agreement
  • Booking (prepayment is not required while booking).

You will see the conditions in which the athletes will train, live and relax. You can discuss and try a special sports menu. And personally make sure that the camp will be held as efficiently as it possible and at the highest level.

Conditions of the tour:

Active Planet company pays for accommodation, meals, transfer and excursion program for coaches and group leaders. Air tickets - as agreed by the parties (either half the cost, or full).

What will you get in results:

What is important, at the end of the tour, we will immediately make you a ready-made price offer, discuss the terms of cooperation and book forward sports facilities and hotels for your future sports gathering. This is the most effective type of business trip combined with the rest.
Returning home, you will have a clear understanding that your wards will have the best conditions for training. And from the very  arrival to departure at each stage, Active Planet employees will always provide support and assistance in any situation. No surprise effect and total concentration on the training process. And only the achievement of high results!

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