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about sport camps

To achieve success in sports, you need to train a lot and in a right way. Sports training is aimed at improving the athlete's results, improving technique and endurance, and helping to avoid serious injuries during competitions. At trainings athletes are not distracted by the domestic problem and are completely immersed in the process of training and recovery.

How to pick the right sports training?

To correctly and quickly pick up a sports base, you need to make a list of your requirements - this will facilitate your search.

What you should pay attention to:

  1. Location
    The best option for training is considered to be the bases on the sea, since you get training and recreation in one place. But the most important requirement for location is its ecological status and compliance with international standards of cleanliness.
  2. Living conditions
    The presence of hot water and laundry service will facilitate the accommodation of athletes at the training camp. And for children these conditions are extremely necessary.
  3. Sports facilities and inventory
    In order to be productive athletes must have everything they need - an equipped training area and inventory. Before buying a tour, please note whether the base you selected accepts athletes of your profile.
  4. Food
    You should have the possibility of forming an individual menu.
  5. Sports doctor
    There must necessarily be a qualified sports doctor who at any time will come and help the athlete. Stretchings, bruises, etc can not be avoided during diligent training, especially with regard to children's trainings. Therefore, there is a doctor on duty who monitors the health of athletes and, if necessary, prescribes restorative procedures without harming the body.
  6. Recovery
    Athletes should rest so that their muscles are ready for next morning’s exercises. This is facilitated by the presence of a sauna, massage and swimming pool in the hotel.
  7. Entertainment
    Often, athletes can not completely give up training, therefore there is entertainment at sports trainings that can benefit the athletes.
    The sports base should have an appropriate program - excursions, outdoor activities, discos and so on.
  8. Security
    The protected area, lifesavers at water regions, doctors and the like guarantee you safe training.

ACTIVE PLANET will select for you the best range of services that will perfectly meet all your requirements.

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