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The approach to nutrition is based on the use of local organic products: olive oil, fresh herbs, a variety of fruits. We organize a special meal program in the hotel or deliver food to the hotel from the restaurant of our company. The Mediterranean diet is recognized as a global intangible heritage of mankind and is included in the UNESCO list. It is on its basis that a menu is made for a healthy diet, with careful control over the quality of products. We are always ready to coordinate with the coach of the team a daily diet and are ready to make an individual menu for some athletes if there is an intolerance or an allergy to some products or gluten.

Our expert in sports nutrition will compile and select a diet for each athlete individually, depending on the test scores, which he will be able to pass at the gathering on the first day.

Who is a sports nutritionist?

Nutrition is a science of nutrition based on high technologies, including the study of nutrients and components contained in foods, eating rules, the laws of interaction of food, its effect on the body.

The nutritional scientist studies what we eat and how we eat. This specialist knows everything about food, knows what the products consist of, what are the macro and micro components of food products, what is the interaction and impact on the body of this or that food, the value for human health.

How can a nutritionist help athletes?

A personal consultant on healthy and proper sports nutrition will select the necessary kind of sports nutrition according to the individual constitutional type of each athlete.
Develop a diet for proper nutrition during the training. Pick up a diet with special food for the purpose of normalizing the psycho-emotional state.
Develop a diet for rapid recovery of the body during intense and peak training, during the time of preparation for serious competitions and strata at the training camp.
Will develop therapeutic-prophylactic / rehabilitation/sports nutrition, therapeutic diet, will make a children's diet.
Hold a consultation on nutrition.
Develop an individual menu with the optimal combination and quantity of products, to ensure the functional support of the body.
Will make a program including vitamins, minerals, essential for athletes.
Nutritionists study nutrition on four sides:

Products, micro- and macronutrients, included in their composition;
The process of assimilation of food, the reaction of the body to the substances coming with food;
Linking products to food dependencies, changing eating behaviour through a certain diet;
Influence of products on health, prevention and treatment of various diseases.
Such science as Nutrition is a fairly new and young science. Therefore, training does not take place in a single institution, but in different universities in courses with dietitian doctors.

Cyprus is a country that is rich in unique natural products that are undisputed superfoods for athletes. This spirulina, and quinoa, and the fruits of the carob. The benefits of them are enormous. In my work, I necessarily connect these products. The results do not make you wait long. After all, as it is known - no athlete will achieve excellent results without high-quality nutrition.

Quinoa is an annual plant of the Amaranth family. In addition to the traditional name, you can find references to plants like quinoa, or rice quinoa. The plant is very popular among fans of sports nutrition.

The preparation of dishes based on quinoa can significantly improve the digestibility of proteins in athletes, bodybuilders and simply people who have chosen the right diet.

The composition of cereals saturates the body with proteins, iron, vitamin B12, folic acid, as well as an extensive amino acid complex. The profile of amino acids contained in the quinoa can be called unique because it is almost complete.

Coconut oil applications help increase endurance and increase the amount of energy produced. The advantage of this product is that when it is used, fat is consumed, not accumulated in muscle mass.

Also, coconut oil is a great helper for the support of a constant body temperature. The result of thermogenesis (or constant body temperature) is a decrease in the percentage of fat in the body of the athlete, which guarantees high performance in training and competition.

Walnut is indispensable for professional athletes. It positively affects the internal organs, namely, the liver and heart, which are strengthened during the use of the product.

What is so useful in Spirulina for athletes?

The progenitor of all living things, the oldest plant on earth (3.5 billion years old) is the blue-green microalga Spirulina (Spirulina Platensis) contains a powerful combination of valuable substances for the human body, some of them are extremely rare and practically do not occur in plant foods. For centuries spirulina-eating legendary Aztecs of South America and African aborigines living around Lake Chad were noted for their excellent health and longevity.

Spirulina is well absorbed, it normalizes the microflora of the intestines, intensively cleanses the body, resulting in a decrease in the content of toxic exchange products in the joints, muscles and lymph, which poison not only various organs but also the brain and which are so actively released into the blood under intense stress. The beneficial effect of Spirulina is manifested in the form of muscle strengthening, improvement of vision, hair condition, skin elasticity, normalization of cholesterol level in the blood, improvement of liver function, strengthening of the nervous system, etc. Spirulina is used in more than 60 countries of the world, the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts widespread use of it as a preventive treatment component of nutrition in the new XXI century.

Not many people are aware of such useful foods as a carob and carob syrup. They are made from locust beans, which are grown in Cyprus. Carob is a powder from the fruit of this tree, it is a substitute for cocoa.

People like carob for being a completely natural product and does not have any chemical substances or preservatives in its composition. Unlike cocoa, carob products do not stimulate the central nervous system and do not increase blood pressure. There is no caffeine and theobromine in the carob, which is part of coffee and cocoa, so it can be given even to children as young as one-year-old.

The main useful properties of carob:

Improves the metabolic processes in the body.
Increases the general tone of the body.
Helps in the treatment of bronchial and lung diseases.
Promotes rapid recovery in viral infections. - Fills the body with calcium (it is 3 times more in carob than in dairy products) and vitamin E.
Strengthens the heart and blood vessels.
Saturates the body with iron and treats anaemia.
It helps to remove heavy metals and radioactive elements from the body.
It is recommended to use carob in the course of treatment of allergies and breathing difficulties caused by allergic reactions.
Accelerates metabolism
Strengthens the body's immune defence.

Also in my work, I use other super products - Chia seeds and flax seeds.
Chia seeds are unique in their composition: 20% of their weight - proteins, 34% - useful unsaturated fats and 25% - slow carbohydrates in the form of dietary fibre. According to historical research, the Indians made from chia seeds nutritious drinks, helping to tolerate heat and lack of food.

The main pride of chia seeds is omega-3 acids. According to the content of this component, chia is ahead of olive oil and fish! It is the fatty acids that improve the metabolism of vitamins A, D, E and K, and also have a positive effect on cellular respiration. Therefore, they are the cause of a great state of health, an ideal appearance, and even the lack of excess weight.
Chia - the record holder for the content of calcium: 870 mg per 100 gr. product. Such figures can not even be boasted by milk. In addition, thanks to boron in the seeds, calcium is fully absorbed by the body, strengthens the musculoskeletal system and prevents the development of osteoporosis.
Persons who are exposed to serious physical activity in their bodies should be aware that the chia seeds contain a large amount of potassium, so they prevent muscle cramps and normalize blood pressure.
Zinc, which is also found in chia seeds, improves muscle function. In addition, it increases immunity, forcing the active work of all the protective systems of the body.
Magnesium is the best assistant to potassium and calcium, because it participates in the process of assimilation of these elements, and also charges the body with additional energy.

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