sports medicine

Our company provides services in sports medicine for athletes during their training or rehabilitation camp.
Our professional specialists working in well-equipped medical centres are ready to provide a high level of treatments and complete assistance.
All our doctors have extensive experience, certificates and appropriate permits to work with athletes.
Our medical team is always on a standby mode, to be in the place of the accident maximum within 15 minutes. By the request of a coach or team leader, our specialists will accompany athletes during their training sessions and provide precise medical attention and analysis. We offer a wide range of services in sports medicine:

  •     Blood test (biochemistry and hematology)
  •     Measurement of the level of Lactate in the blood
  •     Sports Doctor and Sports Masseur
  •     Observing the condition of the athlete during the training preparations
  •     Prevention and treatment of injuries and diseases of athletes in the course of their specific activities and outside it
  •     Rehabilitation of athletes after injuries and diseases
  •     Emergency medical care for injuries and emergency conditions of athletes
  •     Medical control in sport
  •     Functional control in sports
  •     Functional rehabilitation of athletes and improving athletic performance
  •     Therapy of somatic diseases of athletes
  •     Sports Traumatology
  •     Medical rehabilitation of athletes

Emergency medical assistance during the collection 24/7


Sports Medicine:

  • Active Planet providers sport medicine services for groups that come to training camps.
  • Our sport medicine physician is available to provide all needed care.
  • Our doctor can arrive within 15 minutes to the hotel or training facility upon request. Based on coach's’ request, we can provide a sport medicine doctor or a traumatologist.
  • Our doctor will be able to provide the needed care and will advice on next steps in case of trauma of sickness
  • All our doctors are experienced, certified and licensed to work with athletes.

We can provide the following medical services:

  • Blood test (biochemistry and hematology)
  • Change of blood lactate level
  • Services by sports medicine doctor and sport masseur
  • Observation of athlete health during training camp
  • Injury prevention and treatment
  • Rehabilitation after injury
  • Emergency services in case of injury
  • Medical supervision
  • Sport functional supervision
  • Athlete functional rehabilitation and increase in work efficiency
  • Therapeutic treatment of somatic conditions
  • Sports trauma
  • Medical rehabilitation
  • Urgent care during training camps 24/7. 
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