Wheelchair rugby

Wheelchair rugby training camps for athletes with physical impairments for men and women in Cyprus.

The ACTIVE PLANET team offers a full range of organizational services for conducting wheelchair rugby training for athletes with disabilities in Cyprus:

•    Specialized transport with lifts and support around Cyprus
•    Hotels with convenient access to the beach area, rooms in hotels are equipped with everything necessary for athletes with disabilities and elevators in hotels are designed for use by people in wheelchairs
•    Equipped gyms (outdoor and indoor) that meet international standards
•    Additional facilities: changing rooms, restrooms, showers, cafeterias, medical rooms, massage rooms, ventilation and air conditioning systems
•    Possibility of providing professional equipment and uniforms (upon request) during the camp
•    Organization of general physical training outdoors and on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea during the training camp
•    Organization and conduct of training, master classes, training seminars with professional trainers, highly qualified coaches and the best athletes from Cyprus and abroad
•    Organized games with local and international teams
•    Creating customized menus for individual athletes from abroad
•    Laundering services for uniforms during the training camp
•    Medical services: manual therapy, rehabilitative gymnastics, post-injury rehabilitation
•    An active vacation on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as fascinating cultural and historical tours of Cyprus!

Our company, ACTIVE PLANET, accounts for the desires and concerns of every group, and we are ready to create individualized programs, approaches, and offers for you!

Sports facilities and athletic centers in Cyprus are close to the sea and in close proximity to the places of residence, while they meet all generally accepted sports standards. 
In general, Cyprus has a well-developed sports infrastructure and provides its service accommodating all varieties of athletes with disabilities. That is why the island enjoys such popularity as the venue of sporting events.
The unique climate and comfortable natural conditions make it possible to conduct outdoor training year-round, which is an absolute plus! The Mediterranean cuisine and the cleanest beaches of Cyprus will have a positive impact on the general condition of athletes.
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