Paratriathlon training camps for athletes with the recognized types of impairments among men and women

ACTIVE PLANET offers a full range of organizational services for conducting paratriathlon training camps for athletes with disabilities in Cyprus:
•    Specialized transport with lifts and assistance
•    Hotels with convenient access to the sea, wheelchair access ramps, rooms are equipped with everything necessary for athletes with disabilities 
•    Cars, minibusses, and buses with lifts to accompany moving groups
•    Transfer to the start of bicycle routes and back to the hotel post-workout
•    Service, repair, assembly, and dismantling of bicycles (with delivery to any point of the island)
•    Well designed bicycle routes, trails for training on handcycles (bicycles with manual control) or tandems, three-cycles (bicycles with three wheels for athletes with cerebral palsy)
•    Geo-navigators and maps with selected cycling routes   
•    Olympic swimming pools with lifts for athletes with disabilities
•    Services of a coach, assistant, and guide for athletes of PT1-PT5 categories
•    Organization of training and master classes with professional trainers and highly qualified coaches
•    Gym, swimming pool, and sports grounds with special equipment for people with disabilities
•    Required inventory and equipment (upon prior request)
•    Medical services: restorative massages, gymnastics, water and manual therapy, and rehabilitation
•    Individual menu with the possibility of coordination
•    An active vacation on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as fascinating cultural and historical tours of Cyprus!
Our company, ACTIVE PLANET, accounts for the desires and concerns of every group, and we are ready to create individualized programs, approaches, and offers for you!
Cyprus is an excellent place for organizing sports competitions and paratriathlon competitions, a kind of sport that combines swimming, cycling, and running (wheelchair racing). All over the island, there are high-level bases and facilities for Paralympic athletes.
In swimming, participants enjoy Olympic standard pools and the Mediterranean Sea, the purity of which is famous throughout Europe.
Running tracks, both at athletics stadiums and in open country, are available for athletes of all levels.
Cyclists will be satisfied with special routes in the Troodos Mountains as well as highways throughout the island.
Among other things, the island has a perfect climate, which allows you to conduct outdoor training throughout the year.
Clean sea and delicious Cypriot cuisine will not leave a single person indifferent!
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