Para athletics training camps for people with musculoskeletal disorders, visual impairment, and intellectual disorders among male and female athletes

ACTIVE PLANET offers a full range of organizational services for conducting training camps for athletes with all kind of disabilities in Cyprus!
•    Specialized transport with lifts and support
•    Hotels by the sea with convenient access to the sea, wheelchair access, rooms in hotels are equipped with everything necessary for athletes with disabilities. Elevators in hotels are designed for use by people in wheelchairs
•    The best athletic stadiums on the island for the training of athletes in running short and medium distances, throwing discs, spears, shot put and high jump, in length, and in triple jumps
•    Specially equipped gyms
•    Services for the rental of medical equipment and orthopedic products 
•    Organization of outdoor general physical training by the shore of the Mediterranean Sea
•    Organization and conduct of training, master classes, training seminars with professional trainers, highly qualified teachers and the best athletes of Cyprus and other countries
•    Creating customized menus for Paralympic athletes
•    Medical services: manual therapy, rehabilitative gymnastics, post-injury rehabilitation
•    An active vacation on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as fascinating cultural and historical tours of Cyprus!
Our company, ACTIVE PLANET, accounts for the desires and concerns of every group, and we are ready to create individualized programs, approaches, and offers for you!
Services at the highest level, excellent sports infrastructure, and unique comfortable climate make Cyprus an ideal place for conducting training camps for Paralympic athletics. 
Our company will provide you with the necessary equipment and will ensure that the training places and place of residence meet your requirements. 
In addition, natural resources of the island will help improve the overall physical condition of athletes. Fresh air, clean sea, and delicious Cypriot cuisine make for an incredible experience!
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