Reservation terms

Reservation terms for training camps and sport events:

Ideally: 12 months in advance, desirable: 6 months in advance, minimum: 3 months in advance.

If reservation was completed with less than three months before the event, the prices may be higher with four athletes per room and two for coaches.


Company price policy

The company price policy is very flexible. We are always ready to provide the best terms for our clients. The longer duration and higher number of participants will guarantee better prices. The cost of the training camp will be lower when reservation is made for minimum 15 people and 14 days of the training camp.


Payments Due Dates

After the contract is agreed upon and signed by both sides, prepayment in the amount of 30% of the total is expected to be payed within three working days.

The remaining 70% of the total is expected to be paid one month before the training camp start date.


Travel documents

Any travel document including passport should be valid for at least six months from the end of your trip. Visas needed to be obtained two weeks prior to the travel and its expiration date should exceed the date of training camp end by a couple days. For citizens of member countries of EU no visas are required to enter Cyprus or Greece. A simplified “Pro-Visa” can be obtained for Russian or Ukranian citizens which can be completed online within five minutes.


Medical insurance

The medical insurance needs to be purchased at home prior to travel with the minimum duration of coverage for one months or for the duration of the training camp plus one day.

Medical insurance

Provision of information

It is necessary to inform about athletes dietary restrictions (e.g. gluten allergies, etc.)

It is necessary to inform prior to arrival about needed escort, especially for athletes with limited abilities.

It is necessary to inform about needed athletic equipment ahead of time. We will provide all requested equipment for the duration of the training camp.


Border Control

The border and passport control at Larnaca and Paphos international airports will ask you to present the following documents:

  • Travel (i.e. international) passport-required
  • Visa-required
  • Insurance-required
  • Reservation confirmation-likely to ask for
  • Return ticket—unlikely but may ask
  • Amount of money (50 € per night) or a copy of the signed training camp contract (rarely asked for)




The Electricity and plug system in Cyprus is the same as the UK. The outlets look:


We will provide two adapters per room.


The record of 340 sunny days was set in Cyprus. Please see the temperature graph below:


The Mediterranean climate is ideal for high-intensity training. We host athletes all year long. Sunny days and mild sea air of the Island provides comfortable training environment. During the even a short time in Cyprus, the athletes could receive the yearly dose of vitamin D.

Any of the year the Island warmly welcomes the athletes. Here you will see lavish subtropical flora, breath fresh sea air and visit perfect beaches which received the international recognition. There is no other place in Mediterranean that could be compared to Cyprus! The unique energy on the Island stimulates quick recovery and healing, positive attitude and spirit of victory. Sun helps to stay energized, and fresh sea air increases oxygen, improves endurance and stamina during the training.

Drinking Water

We provide drinking water to all athletes and the training camp participants in amount 1.5 liters per day per person.


Service 24/7

During the time of training camp, we maintain a hotline for urgent issues that need to be resolved.


Traffic rules in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the left-hand-driving countries. The drives who are accustomed to the right-hand-driving need to be extra careful during their first day in Cyprus. Despite the left-hand-driving, Cyprus uses ‘the priority-to-the-right rule’ in which the driver of a vehicle is required to give way to vehicles approaching from the right at intersections.


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