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Passion for sports in Mediterranean countries - Cyprus!

Cyprus today becomes more and more popular for many sport training camps and competitions. The island has all conditions for an organization of training camps, competitions for athletes of different levels. It is paradise for athletes with excellent infrastructure, great climate that will make training process most comfortable and efficient.

Despite the fact that Cyprus is a small island, popularization of professional sport becomes more active. The island of Aphrodite is an ideal place of many training camps and competitions.

Over the last decade many sports developed here: bicycle, swimming, track and field, auto sport, sailing, even skiing. As such, Cyprus became the place of athletic meets, contributing to the development of friendship between athletes.

Cyprus has absolutely everything that allows professionals and amateurs to train. It has ideal, professional football fields with natural and artificial turf and stadiums for track and field. It has gyms, open swimming pools, with lanes of 25 m and 50 m, tennis courts, areas for beach volleyball, golf fields and other sport structures satisfying Olympic standards. They are always open to accommodate athletes from around the world.

The island’s sand beaches are ideal for football players to improve their stamina. Organization of games is available for teams of any level.

Everything is available and flawlessly organized: different equipment, health care services, locker rooms, showers, dining facilities, VIP- areas, conference rooms, video- and photo services, rehabilitation centers, and physiotherapy.

These components allow for creating intensive training programs. Due to this success, Cyprus attracts a significant number of sport groups during winter, even world champions train here.

An ideal combination of training on the ravine, on the sea shore, in the mountains, and in the gyms built at the altitude of 1,500-3,000 meters allow athletes to prepare to any competitions.

The required services are provided at the highest level. Athletes love the island so much, that they return again and again.

Cypriots are also active on the international level. Famous Kyriakos Ioannou won medals at Track and Field world championships, Mediterranean Games and Commonwealth Games. Sprinter Eleni Artimata won a few medals at the Mediterranean Games, including gold medals in the 200 m  (2009, 2013).

Cyprus is regularly represented at the Olympic Games. Pavlos Kontidis won the first Olympic medal in the country history, while competing in sailing.

Among other achievements, Karolina Pelendritu won a Gold Medal in the 100 m breaststroke during the Paralympic Games in 2004 and 2008.

And in tennis, no one is equal to Markos Bagdatis, famous Cyprus tennis player.

And of course soccer. This is the most popular game on the island. That is why here is many soccer teams, coming here for training during October-May period. Football player come to the stadium not only to play but also to root for ….

Sport became more diverse and new disciplines surface almost daily. Less active lifestyle and climate contribute to that, hence sport becomes part of the life and plays significant role for the Cyprus. That is different than it used to be before. Young people pay attention to their physical condition and become more active. In addition, Cyprus has a program aimed to sport’s popularization by different means, and at different levels, in order to attract as many people as possible. Even Scandinavian Walking has its supporters here.

Is it fashion, disease, or life style?

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