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ACTIVE PLANET is the sport tourism operator with the prime line of business to organize and plan training camps and athletic events in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria and other countries for athletes, national teams, sports schools and junior athletes from all around the world.

The main activities of Active Planet are to organize championships, competitions, sparring, friendly games, matches, tournaments, sport events, marathons for teams and individuals.

ACTIVE PLANET works closely with professional tour guides and can organize various excursions, including: cultural, historical, food tasting, marine, athletic and others. Entertainment organized for the sports team includes active leisure such as yachting, hiking, paintball, waterparks, golf, jeep safari etc.

We are ready to design an exclusive program of the training camp based on the individual needs and requirements of every group. We provide service 24/7.

Licensing and Accreditation

ACTIVE PLANET LTD is a licensed sport tourism operator, accredited by the Cyprus Tourism Organization and Cyprus Sport  Organisation and has obtained all required certifications for business.  Our company also works collaboratively with athletic federations and ministries of sport in many countries around the world. We also have IATA license which allows us to select and buy the best ticket options for our groups.


We are experienced in organizing training camps for national athletic teams and world-class athletes. We are attentive to details and nuances while planning athletic events. We have access to professional athletic facilities and venues that satisfy Olympic standards. Sunny Countries provide comfortable conditions for training year-round, allowing us to work and make all necessary arrangements all year.

We partner with athletic clubs, medical centres, sports schools and suppliers of professional athletic equipment in Cyprus. Our good working relations with various municipalities of the Island permit for quick and efficient resolutions to all organizational questions. We reserve open Olympic sized 50meter swimming pools, soccer fields, and the best athletic facilities and training grounds.  

 We select the best sport facilities, offer to choose hotel accommodations between 3-, 4- and 5-stars hotel, all within walking distance from the athletic venues. In addition, we provide transportation that accommodates small groups of 5-7 people to large, comfortable busses that can fit between 24 and 55 passengers.

Athletic Healthy Food and Nutrition

We carefully choose the athlete’s food options assuring its quality and variety. The ration is selected to maximize vitamins and nutritional intake to facilitate recovery after intensive training.

Medical Services and Support

We are proud of our professional medical staff who can provide medical care in case of emergency.

The training camps is a unique opportunity for every athlete to:

- Train to improve their individual performance and results

- Fully concentrate on training

- Leave a familiar environment and broaden their horizons professionally, culturally, and socially

- It is especially important for children since the training camps allow them more focused training with increased levels of motivation as compared to the home setting.

- Training camps become a unifying factor for teams and athletes improving morale, athletic spirit, and adding value to every effort and achievement.

 Cyprus is well known as universal grounds for the training camps in many kinds of sports.  The Cyprus history goes back 9,000 years. The blend of cultures and ethnos from Europe, Africa, and Asia makes the visit very unique and unforgettable regardless of how busy or intensive the training schedule is. The island is one big training ground.  Every town can be proud of many Olympic-standard athletic facilities, stadiums, soccer fields, tennis courts, open Olympic-size swimming pools, gyms, and many more. The Island regularly hosts the European and World level championships and competitions. The key Cyprus feature is a unique combination of various factors which includes:

- Perfect climate and mild weather all year round

- Opportunity for open air training any time during the year

- Ecologically favourable environment: Mountain air, pristine Mediterranean sea, high quality food etc.

- Many Cyprus beaches are awarded an exclusive eco-label the Blue Flag recognition for their coastal environment, clean water and access. 

- Mediterranean cuisine is a well balanced diet which includes many vitamins and microelements for good health and wellbeing.

- The Island is famous for its well-developed sport infrastructure for all kinds of sports. Over the last decade many sports developed here: bicycle, swimming, track and field, auto sport, sailing, even skiing. There are athletic facilities, training grounds, stadiums, swimming pools, cycling roads, shooting ranges that satisfy high class international standards and all needed equipment is provided.

The main activity of ACTIVE PLANET is the organization of sports and training preparations, both for professional adult athletes, juniors and children. Our entire friendly team lives and works on the island of Cyprus. Here is our main office and we love our work and this beautiful island.

ACTIVE PLANET works closely with the Cyprus Sports Federation and jointly arranges various sports events on the island. We know all the necessary information regarding the sports infrastructure and we cooperate with the best sports organizations, clubs and sports facilities. We know how, where and when to organize training preparations very efficiently and profitably for our clients.

For sportsmen we also make individual programs, competently combining the training process with recreational activities. Bases for fees for different sports are located in the best, clean places in Cyprus. Training preparations in swimming, in artistic and sports gymnastics, football and martial arts, team sports and individual disciplines, both in summer and in winter, are regularly and successfully held in Cyprus. Training preparations for professional athletes, juniors and children at sea - this is what is necessary for excellent health and great sporting achievements!

One of the important conditions in the organization of training is well-thought-out logistics. The sports facilities provided by our company, hotels, places for general physical activity and enjoyment of free time are within walking distance of each other.

ACTIVE PLANET is a professional organizer of friendly matches, sparring, tournaments and games, both with professional Cypriot athletes, and with teams from around the world.

We organize sports conferences, providing transfers, accommodation, equipment, translation services, gala dinners and other events.

Sports-training preparations are a unique opportunity for every athlete:

  • Increase your personal athletic performance
  • Concentrate completely on training
  • Go beyond the familiar environment and expand their professional, cultural, social and communication skills

This is especially important for athletes - as in training preparations, attention is more concentrated and motivation is higher than at home.

Our company ACTIVE PLANET is confident that spending a few days or weeks together gives the team a feeling of unity, that's why we are thinking through and organizing exclusive leisure programs for athletes and all members of the training preparations.

We are ready to make an exclusive program for training preparations, taking into account all individual wishes and requirements for each group.

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