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Shooting sports entered the program of the modern Olympic Games from the moment they were founded by Baron Pierre de Coubertin in 1986. Currently, we are training athletes and preparing them for further participation in competitions in sports shooting exercises from the Olympic program.

We are the first private shooting school (laboratory) in Cyprus, which prepares athletes to compete in various competitions in shooting from an air pistol, in exercises from the program of the Olympic Games. Currently, we are working to introduce sports shooting from rifles in order to train athletes of our Club.

For a long time now, we train in our Club everyone who wants to gain skills in handling and in working with short arms (pistol) in accordance with international rules and standards ISFF (International Shooting Fitness Federation).

This kind of shooting sport (dynamic shooting from pistols, carbines) includes shooting at various types of targets, in motion and on the spot, in the changing conditions of a shooting range, this is fast, accurate and safe shooting. Do you want to learn how to shoot accurately and quickly?

 Come to Cyprus and learn about the basic methods of quickly snatching a weapon and pointing it to the target. Learn how to aim correctly and quickly reload weapons.

We always pay serious attention to the technique and rules for the safe handling of weapons!

We offer training on the first program in Cyprus in shooting from a 4.5mm BB's pistol, which includes:

* Fundamentals of safe handling of weapons

* Shooting at speed

* Shooting in motion

* Shooting from hard-to-reach points

* Special techniques of shooting (for guards, bodyguards, policemen) * We organize special shooting competitions, both for Club members, and for all comers on different types of shooting, with different rules and conditions.

To participate in training and competitions, members of our Club do not need to have their own weapons. We provide them for you.

To date, we have conducted 30 competitions organized to ensure that bullet shooting, as a sport, becomes widespread on the island of Cyprus.

The team of our club prepares promising and talented sportsmen who have already become members in Cyprus and take part in European and world competitions.

Test your strength and capability. Perhaps, you have hidden from the whole world your talent as an athlete-shooter? Or maybe your children?

We provide an equipped shooting range for training shooting from pneumatic weapons, which are conducted under the guidance of qualified trainers.

The head of the shooting club is a graduate of Eftikhios Aristokleus, who has passed many years of training in shooting sports. Our athletes achieve high level of training thanks to the well-coordinated work of the team of trainers and instructors, strict discipline and systematic training and practice, both theoretical and practical.

 Cyprus and our rifle - sports club are an ideal place for passing time that is free from work and study for people who value an active lifestyle, who are goal-oriented, and who love discovering new hobbies. It is for all those who aim towards new horizons all their life.

It does not matter what your age is, no matter what your political views are, we will always be happy if you want to learn the basics of handling weapons or become a shooting sportsman.

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